Provide food spices

Our company specializes in supplying food seasoning, processing spices, agricultural products, seasoning powder, dry seasoning, fresh spices such as: onion powder, Garlic powder, five flavors, ginger powder, turmeric powder, curry set, deep fried flour …. All items are manufactured on modern production lines, meeting food safety and hygiene as well as customers’ requirements.

Hotline contact or order: 0976.44.99.88 / 0975.387.189 / 0984.626.194

Specializes in processing, manufacturing and supplying dried agricultural products (dried onions, dried garlic, dried carrots, dried squash, dried carrots, dried anise, dried turmeric, dried ginger), fresh agricultural products (squash, onions , garlic, cabbage, carrot), spices (fish seasoning, curry seasoning, roast duck family, five flavors, onion powder, garlic set, turmeric powder, turmeric starch, nutritional powder , products meeting the requirements of customers, have been supplied to many food processing factories, exported to many countries in the region, products are increasingly trusted.

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