Ginger powder

Uses: Ginger powder is used to marinate with food before cooking to absorb more flavor, and to add more flavor, before taking the food out of the kitchen, add a little more ginger powder. Certainly, the dish will be fragrant, spicy and remove all the fishy odors of the food. Ginger powder is suitable for dishes made from seafood, poultry, beef, and buffalo meat

Ingredients: Crushed from dried ginger

Humidity: <10%

Do not use preservatives, additives

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

Net weight: Can pack, bag or bottle according to customer’s requirement.

Other uses of ginger powder: Contains many nutrients that are good for health, and the taste of ginger powder is very specific, fragrant, so it is used as a spice in cuisine or in the production process of some industries. food processing as well as flavor production.Very good for people who are infected with colds, colds: ginger has a spicy taste, warmth, so if the body is infected with cold or rain, you can drink 1 cup of ginger tea is very effective.Good for the digestive system: Ginger helps the body produce two important enzymes, Amylase and Protease, two digestive enzymes that are essential for the body.Prevent nausea and vomiting: gingerol in ginger helps prevent serotonin receptors in the stomach, reduces nausea and irritability, so it is suitable for people with motion sickness.Prevent Cancer: The antioxidants in ginger work to prevent the formation and development of free radicals, the cause of cancer. On the other hand, these substances also help reduce the aging process of cells in the body.

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