Dried turmeric

The product is very suitable for marinating, making sauces, processing, stir-frying, and cooking seafood dishes such as fish, eel, snails, frogs, meats like grilled meat, fish, eel, snails, frog, cow, goat, chicken, rabbit, buffalo, beef…. they both increase the flavor, taste and appeal of dishes. In addition, turmeric powder is also used to beautify, apply injuries, and heal scars.

Ingredients: Turmeric is cleaned, preliminarily processed, bare, sliced ​​and AD-dried to <8% moisture content


Humidity: <8%

Do not use preservatives, additives

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

Net weight: Can pack, bag or bottle according to customer’s requirement

Hotline ordering:  0976.44.99.88 0975.387.189 / 0984.626.194

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