Dried garlic

Usage: It can be confirmed, no housewives do not store a little garlic in spices to prepare daily dishes. As a habit, they all use this useful food on a regular basis, from stir-fried, fried, marinated dishes … or simply a bowl of fish sauce with chopped garlic cloves to dot with boiled water spinach

Not to mention the spiced fish sauce bowl, but the familiar stir-fried dishes such as water spinach, chayote, gourd, sweet vegetables, and stir-fried spinach are all indispensable for this spice. Do not believe, just try one-time stir-frying these dishes without garlic, and you will see the need for this tiny garlic clove to get a very distinctive flavor of the dish.

Garlic is also an indispensable spice for stir-fried beef and buffalo meat. However, you can also improve the daily meal for the whole family with the attractive black pepper beef. The main seasoning of this dish besides broth, pepper, thick soy sauce, oyster oil, main noodles, seasoning powder, rice flour, and dried onions is also indispensable for garlic. First, you should mince garlic, dried onions, then crush the peppercorns in half, then put the oil in a pan, fry the onion, garlic, and pepper. Add the broth to taste seasoning oyster oil, boil about 1/3, then stir in the rice powder. Then, add the sliced ​​beef, seasoned with enough spices, fried garlic in a sauce for a moment, then scoop out a plate with delicious rice.

During these hot summer days, adding cucumber salad dishes to the rice tray will help people eat and taste better. Seasoning mixed with cucumber salad including cooking oil, vinegar, soup powder, pepper, sugar (or honey) and a little chopped onion, garlic will “wake up” the characteristic smell of this dish. In addition, there are many dishes that are indispensable for garlic seasoning Not only processing, if eaten raw or cooked, fresh garlic cloves every day are also very beneficial for the liver, helping to enhance the liver’s detoxification function. , will help the body purify toxic substances, full of vitality.

Color: typical color of the product

Planting place: Hai Duong, Red River Delta region of Vietnam

Humidity: <8%.

Packing: PE. Carton.Weight: 20-30 kg / barrel, 50kg / bag

Drying method: ADIngredients: 100% pure garlic bulb.Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

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