Black pepper

Uses: Used to spice up, marinate fish, meat: Lamb, Goat, Beef, Pork … combine cooking, frying, pan-frying, delicious, and at the same time adding flavor to the dish.

There are 2 types of pepper: Black pepper and white pepper. The taste of these two types of pepper is a little different, white pepper has a slight taste, but has a strong spicy taste, can be combined with cooking meat and stir-frying vegetables. Black pepper has a strong flavor, has the effect of flavor, makes us eat more and more delicious, mainly using black pepper to cook or store meat dishes, especially beef

Origin: Made from Tieu Phu Quoc and the Central Highlands provinces (Vietnam)

Onion: 100% from Pepper material.

Humidity index: <10%.

Size: Fine powder and according to customer requirements.

Package: Weight 10kg, 20kg, 50kg …

Packing according to the requirements of the customer.

Storage conditions: <20 degrees C

Hotline ordering  0976.44.99.88 0975.387.189 / 0984.626.194

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